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Lapland Dog Sledding

Dog teams are an ancient way to travel over snow-covered landscapes.

From SEK100

Thanks for supporting our dogs!

Under Covid-19, we barely had any guests the first year but we still had 55 dogs to feed, and since our dogs are our most valuable employees and cannot be laid off, we were delighted for everyone who wanted to support us and our dogs.

Now the crisis is over and it looks better but of course you can continue to support our dogs if you like.



Wintertime is the best time to be high up in the North. Nowhere else are you able to enjoy the prickling cold, the beauty of the Northern Lights or the glittering of snow in sunlight as up here. Sweden’s North is one of the least populated areas in Europe and is, therefore, the best place to experience the wilderness as its most real.

And what could be a better way to do so than driving a team of sled dogs on our wooden Oinakka sleds through the forest, over wetlands and on snow-covered trails and roads.

Join us on a fascinating trip, varying from one hour to several days, and get to love our beautiful, hard-working Siberian huskies and wonderful Swedish nature. Be part of the team and learn more about the dogs, living in the kennel and help with preparing your own sled and dog team.

“Hike, Come Gee, Haw over?” It may be Greek to you, but those lead dogs know what it means, and they’ll be happy to teach you a thing or two about driving a dog team.

Since 1993, we’ve successfully taught thousands of novice mushers, ranging in age from 10 to 85. This is an exciting, active vacation with friendly dogs.

Now it’s your turn! Step on the runners with us and mush off through the north woods on a real adventure.