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  • New tour 2024

The Greater good of Lapland

Quick Details

What is included:

  • We can provide warm clothing for adults and teenagers
  • Unfortunately, we can’t offer these clothes for children under 10 so you need to bring warm clothes for your children.
Per person

This tour is the best way to learn a lot about dog sledding with working Siberian Huskies and experience the variety and beauty of nature in Swedish Lapland. You will experience the wilderness on a sled, pulled by your team of well-trained Siberian Huskies.

Become part of a unique way of living and pick up the scent of wilderness in beautiful Sweden!



Day 1
12.00 – Arrival and lunch.
During lunch we will go through what is in store for you over the next few days.
After lunch we will give you the clothes you will need (jackets, trousers, shoes, gloves and hats). If you have a very small or very big clothing size, please tell us when you are booking the tour.
Next, we will walk to the dogs and give you a crash course on how to drive a sled and handle your teams. You will share your teams in pairs with one of you driving and one of you sitting, swapping several times over the course of the trip. We will prepare your teams and off we go on a 12 km long trip with dinner after the tour prepared over an open fire in our Laplander hut. This trip will start mid-day and we will be out with the dog teams in the dark, lit up by head torches and hopefully Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky.

Only the quiet sound of the working dogs and runners in the snow will be with you during this trip. You will get to know your dogs and start to form a personal relationship with them. With every stop, and every time you praise the dogs, they learn to trust you and you to trust them.

After dinner, a hot sauna will be waiting for you. You will spend the night in our Aurora Tepees. There is a heated out-house outside the tepees.

Day 2
In the morning, around 9 AM we will knock on your door with a breakfast basket so that you can have breakfast in bed.
After breakfast we will go to the dogs for another day behind the sleds. In harmony with the running rhythm of your team you will enjoy nature in a way you have never experienced it before.

You will see some of the beautiful, remote backcountry of south Lapland, and become one with your dog team. Today’s trip will take you over frozen lakes and rivers, up smaller mountains and through pine tree woods.

After some time behind the dogs, we will have lunch “on the trail”. We will make a campfire to keep warm while we are having lunch. Perhaps it will be reindeer burgers served today, or maybe our famous smoked salmon soup, once tasted, never forgotten.

When we come back in the afternoon you will have some time to yourselves. If you like, you can borrow our snowshoes, cross-country skis or Swedish kicks and get out into the nature yourselves.

Dinner will be in our cozy guesthouse where you will also spend the night.

Day 3

Breakfast will be served in our guesthouse at 9 AM
After breakfast you can choose as a group if you would like to go dogsledding or would prefer a snowshoe or skiing trip with a guide. Today we will also be eating lunch after the tour around the open fire and the tour will come to a close at 15.00.

The itinerary can be change if we get temperatures below -25 just for your comfy and safety.


From age 16. If a member of your group is younger, please ask if an exception can be made.
No transfer is included. Alcoholic beverages can be ordered (beer, wine and special Jukkasjärvi Vodka made of blueberry, arctic raspberry and cloudberry)

Not included: Travel insurance, alcoholic beverages, transfer

This adventure can only be booked on request.

Price: 12 900 SEK per person

The food we serve is mostly locally produced and organic. This may include reindeer, salmon, moose, bear and the food are cooked by our own chef Donald. Vegetarian food and allergies are no problem; however, you must remember to tell us this at the time of booking.

Minimum 4 guests, maximum 6 guests. If you’re less than 4 guests, we can try to co-book you with other guests. This adventure can only be booked via email and not online.