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Travel Conditions

Aurora Borealis Adventures

Booking rules

Most of our tours can be booked online directly.
If we make a special tours/combinations or adventures according to your wishes we will send an invoice. However, the invoice must always be paid before arrival. Ask us about your particular adventure when it should be paid.
You can also pay with Swish if you have that service on your phone.

If you book a longer tour by email/phone well in advance, we´ll send you an invoice of 20% of the total cost right away. Once paid, the booking is valid. The rest of the payment must be paid NO LATER THAN 30 days before. If the payment has not been made within these days, the adventure will be cancelled automatically.

We are a small company that doesnt take so many guests per day so a cancellation is very tough financially for us, therefore we ask you to be sure that you want to come and do not cancel just because you can, or tentatively book and keep the place for someone else who would like to book. We ask you to keep in mind that we have dogs that should have food etc every day all year around, so its a big expense.

Each individual participant must take out their own travel insurance and cancellation insurance

Check with your insurance company exactly what is included and if there are any exceptions for Covid-19. You are responsible for ensuring that you have travel, sickness and cancellation insurance. Check this out with your insurance company.

Lack of snow, extreme spring flood, fire or other circumstances outside Aurora Borealis HB´s control or reasons that Aurora Borealis HB could not reasonably have expected when booking entitles, Aurora Borealis HB can cancel the contract without awarding damages in any form. Nor can the Aurora Borealis be held guilty of any strikes.
Each individual participant must respect rules and safety procedures. If any participant violates the general rules and there is an accident, we have the right to charge a fee to cover the costs. We have a travel guarantee provided via Visita.
If we see that any guest cannot drive their sled, we reserve the right to put the guest sitting on a sled instead. For example, in case of language rupture, etc. You have to know Swedish or fluent English in order to run your team of dogs.

If you have any questions, please email us and ask [email protected]

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