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Aurora Tepee Camp

Quick Details

2 People

Sleep under the stars in a teepee

A night in an Aurora teepee is a unique way to experience nature. The comfortable teepee is a perfect place to enjoy the magical scenery with northern lights in fall and winter, and summer nights with the amazing midnight sun.

From the comfort of our heated facility, the teepees allow visitors the time and ease to await for the legendary light show to begin. We’d like to remind you that the Northern Lights are not on a clock schedule and we can’t necessarily predict this natural phenomenon so just relax and enjoy your stay.

But even if the Northern Lights do not show up, you can see a stunning starry sky, shooting stars and occasionally ISS, the International Space Station or satellites passing by.

The teepees are 12 sqm and have comfortable beds for two and electric heating.

No tap water and no WC, but there is a heated outhouse just outside to the Aurora Teepee. In the morning we´ll knock on your door with a breakfast basket so you can have breakfast in bed.

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