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  • Close to nature

Stand Up Paddle Board 1.5 Hour

Quick Details

Person 5+ years old | Min. 2, Max. 10 People

Stand Up Paddle Board tours

Stand-up paddling is one of the most wholesome and invigorating water sports in the world. We start our tours in flat water (no waves and hopefully no wind).

Then, you learn to balance and other techniques from the ground, allowing you to then take on bigger challenges. When we are entering the water, it may be easier to start at the knees until you feel confident and have found your balance. Once you have mastered the paddle on your knees, raise yourself up and set up parallel to your feet on the board.

We gather in Ekorrsele to be equipped with wet suits, life jackets, and helmets and walk down to the paddle boards. Here we learn the basics of still water, and when we feel ready we go in Ekorrstryckan.

Good stuff to bring on the tour

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Something to drink
  • Waterproof camera