Northern Lights Tour

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old
Child 4 to 12 years old

See the Lapland Northern Lights

Our pre-winter tour is a perfect tour if you are looking for a smaller getaway with your family or friends with a good chance to see the Northern Lights and to experience the first snow.

The pre-winter tour is a four-day tour, including the arrival and departure day, and includes one day of dogsledding, either with carts or sleds depending on when the first snow appears, accommodation, breakfast and two meals a day.

It also includes one day at the northernmost zoo in Europe, where you can see animals such as Swedish moose, reindeers, wolves, foxes, etc.

September to December are months with great Aurora Borealis activity and that’s the reason why you should come to us at this time of year.

View the amazing Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky during the nights, right outside your bedroom window! Go out on a husky tour using training carts, with outdoor lunch or dinner. Or, simply go out into nature and listen to the sound of silence…

If you want to add something extra to your stay, you can walk down to the sauna and hot tub by the riverside. Enjoy the heat from the wood-heated stove and cool down in the river, and hopefully see the Aurora Borealis again (not included in the basic price).

During the weekends in December, you can also meet Santa and his reindeers in the park.

We also visit the open-air and forest museum and here we’ll learn more about the Sámi way of life.

Our Accommodations

The accommodation we offer is a smaller dwelling house from 1904 that can accommodate up to five people. The house is renovated and modernized and equipped with comfortable beds, kitchen and of course, shower and toilet.

You will find a double room and a room with three beds upstairs. A small alcove and kitchen, toilet/shower, and our office and souvenir/fishing shop on the lower floor.

What is included

  • We can provide warm clothing for adults and teenagers
  • Lunch and dinner stop
  • 3 nights stay in the “Yellow House”
  • Not included: Travel insurance, alcoholic beverages, transfer