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  • Awsome experience!

Dryland Half-Day Tour

Quick Details

Person 18+ years old | Min. 2, Max. 8 People
Student 12-17 years old or valid student ID
Child 4-11 years old

Spend a half-day with our team of Siberian huskies

Is it possible to do a dogsled tour without snow? Of course!

Now you can enjoy the nature behind a dog team even without snow.

On this tour, experience the charm of being pulled behind a team of 8-12 Siberian huskies. We drive approx. 16 kilometers before we come back to the kennel again for lunch or dinner.

Prepared over an open fire in our Laplander hut, the food will have a touch of the wildernes, maybe reindeer or Swedish moose!

What is included

  • Lunch or dinner