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  • Perfect for kids

Sled Dog Kennel Visit

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old
Child Up to 12 years old
1-5 person

Come and meet our super friendly huskies!

A visit to a kennel of our size is a wonderful experience. You are welcome to visit us and our Siberian huskies and get an insight into our daily routines and how people and dogs work together.

Let us tell you some facts about our amazing dogs and how we work with them all year round.

If we have puppies that are old enough while you are here, we let them out in the free run area that is 3,000 sqm in size so you can sit down and cuddle with them.

Many people think that Siberian huskies always have blue eyes and are aggressive but after you have been here and visited our kennel you will have a completely different view of the breed.

We finish up the visit with tea/coffee/lemonade and a sandwich of home-baked bread in our teepee down by the river.

What is included

  • Swedish Fika (coffee, tea, lemonade, and a sandwich)